Why is service fee (tip) included in all dine-in guest checks?

To best serve our customers we implement teamwork so when food is ready or table needs to be cleaned, we all work together and to get the job done. The service fee is then calculated at the end of the night and split between front of the house (servers and host) and a portion is shared with back of the house (cooks and dishwashers), never with owners. This encourages everyone to be involved in better serving customers. Of course if you are not satisfied with your service, please ask your server to have it removed.

Where can I park?

The parking meters in Lowertown are free after 4:30 pm. That’s always a good option if you are able to find an open meter near the restaurant. If not, no need to worry. There is a surface parking lot right next to (north side) our building, The Northern Warehouse, called Transpark. It is only $1 to park there in the evenings. Just find a spot that is not labeled monthly and put a $1 in the pay-box (write your license plate number on the envelope provided).

Is there a vegetarian option on your menu?

Yes. All of our hot noodle dishes can be made with vegetarian broth and substitutions available. Please ask your server for details.

Do you have wheat-free options?

Almost all our dishes are seasoned with soy sauce which contains wheat. However we carry wheat free soy sauce for sushi rolls and mackerel which are wheat-free.

Are you open for lunch?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Can I make a reservation?
Absolutely. The best way to make a reservation is to call after 5:00 pm, when we are open, and make a reservation with the front staff. You can also use our online reservation form to make a reservation.


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